"Let's go grab some suya from the suya spot"

A phrase that has always invoked a sense of nostalgia and brings a smile to my face. Growing up in Nigeria, getting suya was one of my favourite things to do. The flavour, texture and smell are things I would always look forward to but the best part about it was sharing it with my family and friends. There was a sense of it bringing us closer as we tried to see who could eat the most (I used to lose a lot being the smallest). I didn't mind losing as I got to share this experience with the ones I hold dear to me. This same feeling is what we want to capture in Suya Spot UK - a sense of family, being around the ones we love while sharing food that we love.

"Let's go grab some suya from the suya spot"

Event Details

#SuyaSundays is 1

When: Sun, 13th August, 2017

Where: The Bermondsay Yard Cafe
40 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3UD

Time: 14:00PM - 20:00PM


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